Menstrual Cycle Charting for Birth Control and When Trying to Conceive

myNFP helps you to chart your menstrual cycle according to the symptothermal method.

  • Hormone-free, natural and safe birth control
  • Conceive up to 6 months faster
  • Calculate your fertile days
  • Identify your infertile days
  • Safest Fertility Awareness Method on the planet

Do you know FAM (Fertility Awareness Method) or have you read the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility? Great! Find out how myNFP can assist you in charting your cycles.

Never heard of Fertility Awareness Methods before? Many people underestimate their effectiveness. Learn more about: Birth Control or Trying to Conceive

Example Cycle Chart


What is the symptothermal method?

Your body can tell you when you've ovulated with almost 100% certainty using several important signs. The most important signs are the body temperature, cervical mucus and the consistency, position and opening level of the cervix.

By knowing the time span when an ovulation has occurred, women can determine when and if they are fertile and infertile. Therefore NFP can be used both as a method of birth control and for raising the chances of getting pregnant faster and easier.

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About myNFP

myNFP was founded in 2006, when there was no adequate website to chart your menstrual cycles with the symptothermal method. Since then, myNFP helped over 60,000 women in Germany to chart their menstrual cycle. Now, we just released the English version of myNFP to help women around the world learn more about their bodies and their cycle and to give them the best tool for charting their menstrual cycles.

Data protection and privacy protection are particularly important to us. If you sign up, you will see that we do not ask for any personal information. We only save the most essential data. The website communicates only in encrypted form and is subject to regular safety checks.

Furthermore, we comply with German privacy and data protection laws which are the strictest privacy laws in the world.

Do you have any questions or feel uncertain about anything? Please feel free to contact us or visit our forum.